Neighborhoods in Munich

Bavaria’s capital is a stunning city, it has everything one might expect from a big German city. There are beautiful buildings, a lot of young people and a cool nightlife and of course, large businesses and opportunities for a career. If you find yourself studying, working or visiting Munich, you might wonder where to stay. Down below we have a quick guide to some of the coolest neighborhoods that Munich has to offer:


This is the old town of Munich and as such it’s the main touristic part. The streets are cobbled and the buildings are medieval, the Altstadt is certainly an area of Munich you want to visit. However, it isn’t really recommended for a longer-term stay. While an ideal spot for an Airbnb, or a hotel, the old town is expensive and noisy, which is why most of the locals try to stay clear from here. If you want to feel the city’s charm you should visit it, but you can find better, more resident-friendly areas to live in Munich.


Maxvorstadt is located just north of the inner city but is slightly less crowded and much more relaxed. Here you will find culture. The universities are in this neighborhood, as well as many museums, cool restaurants, and parks. If you want a more local experience, Maxvorstadt is certainly recommended and if you can afford the rent or prices in this part of town, you should definitely consider it. This truly is one of the best places to live in Munich.


For many tourists, this is the neighborhood where you can find the Englischer Garten. However, locals will tell you that Schwabing is one of the best areas to live in. The whole district is artistic and bohemian, with a lot of bars and restaurants to visit. It’s also where wealthy and cool people live, which has led to some pretty exorbitant prices and rents. If you’re in Munich for a few days or plan to stay for longer, Schwabing should be very high on your list of places to check out. This is where the locals prefer to spend their time, away from the touristy Altstadt.


This is another rich and expensive neighborhood of Munich, but we simply could not skip out on mentioning it. If you are looking for a an authentic, preserved from the war, affluent suburb, this is the place for you. Again, the prices aren’t for everyone, but if you can afford it, Bogenhausen is a great place to live. For the visitors to the city it’s equally nice, as it’s also the home of many great clubs and bars, as well as some restaurants.


This neighborhood was one of the worse ones in Munich, but in the last couple of decades, it has undergone a true renaissance, only to emerge as one of the cooler spots in town. It’s an old area, that used to be its own village a couple of centuries ago, before being swallowed by the evergrowing city. Now it’s a mixture of a cool, hipster spot and a quiet suburban area. The prices have been going up in the last few years, but it’s still much more affordable than the other areas we talked about. If you plan to invest in Munich real estate, this is a good place to do so.

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