Neighborhoods in Bologna

While most famous for its food culture, Bologna has quite a lot that’s worth seeing. It’s a big city, filled with students and some tourists, but still manages to maintain some of its traditional Italian charms. The many different districts and neighborhoods in Bologna can be difficult to navigate, but we have a handy guide for you. Keep on reading below:

Viali di Circonvallazione

This is the historical center, that is roughly circular and is encapsulated by a 3-lane ring road. Inside you will find cute Italian streets, nice restaurants, churches, and a hotel. When you see a postcard from Bologna, this is where the photo is taken. It is very touristy and crowded, but arguably the best place to stay in town if it’s a short term stay. To buy or rent, you will have to be willing to fork over a very large sum. There are better residential neighborhoods, however.


The area around the University buildings and Porta San Donato will either be your favorite or least favorite part of town. It can be hectic and loud, but if you are young and looking to have some fun, this is where you’ll find it. It’s very central, just east of the historic inner-city, but some people live there, mainly students, and the rooms are a tiny bit more affordable. However, do keep in mind that some streets can be noisy until very late, so do some research before getting a place to stay. You don’t want to have a student bar right under your bedroom.

Fiera District

This neighborhood is a big departure from the other two entries, but if you’re looking for a nice residential area, where normal Bologna citizens live, this is one of the better options. It’s a mixture of a business and residential district, with the Bologna Fiere being located there. It’s a huge exhibition center, that hosts some of the biggest expos in Italy. On top of that, you have newer buildings and better prices than the city center. Speaking of that, you are still a 30-minute walk from the inner city from the Fiera district. Bologna really isn’t too large.

Porta Saragozza

This is a great neighborhood to live in. You will find a mixture of students, hipsters, and wealthy locals all living here, on the edge of the city center and a more suburban area. This is one of the nicest quarters of the town, with a lot of good restaurants and businesses in the vicinity. If you are looking for a more chill place to live, that is still at walking distance from the main action, the whole Saragozza neighborhood is a great place.

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