Most expensive ski resorts in Italy

Italy is a large and diverse country, that manages to combine a Meditteranean and Southern vibe with Alpine mountains and ski resorts. It’s astounding how much tourism potential there is in that country, both for summer and winter. Italy is rich with a few skiing resorts, but if you want to know what the richest of the rich is, this is the article for you. Keep on reading for the most expensive ski resorts in Italy:


Located in northern Italy, on the borders of Switzerland and France, you will find Courmayeur. It’s located very high up in the mountain, on the southern side of the famous Mont Blanc. It has a charming and beautiful old town, with many beautiful sights and amazing mountains. The city of Courmayeur isn’t huge, but you will find everything you might need here and there are more than enough ski slopes in the vicinity for a week or two of winter sports. Courmayeur is also a very popular location in summer, as it is great for hiking.


Corvara is located in South Tyrol, close to the Austrian border 40 kilometers off of Bolzano. It’s a small and charming resort that has some of the best pistes in the region and amazing sights to behold. If you want to party, Corvara is probably not the best place to choose, but the skiing experience is really great here and if you can afford it, you should check this area out. The proximity to Bolzano also makes it a great resort for day tripping.


Cortina d’Ampezzo is arguably Italy’s most important and popular resort. It has some history and the town actually has some life to it. On top of that, a few classic movies, like the Pink Panther and one installment of James Bond have been filmed here. The resort’s notoriety has made it a popular spot for the rich and famous and skiing here can be pricey, but very fun. Cortina has everything you might dream of, from an Italian ski resort and if you can only visit one place on our list, it’s best to pick this one, hands down.

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