Most Expensive Areas in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur often referred to as KL, is the capital and largest city in Malaysia. It’s a very diverse and still growing city, that has many things to offer, both to travelers and tourists. Here you will find lush green areas, tall skyscrapers and office buildings, and some amazing historical heritage. The city is large and the many districts and areas are often confusing for foreigners. To help you out we listed the richest areas in Kuala Lumpur below:


Bangsar is a quickly developing and still rising in price area, located close to the city center of Kuala Lumpur. It’s a residential district with many Malaysians, Chinese, and Indians living here, which leads to an interesting mix of Asian cultures and cuisine. Here you will find many shops, restaurants, and shopping centers and overall a very convenient area to live in. It’s still up and coming, but due to its great location, Bangsar is likely to become one of the hottest areas in the whole city.

Embassy Row

Between the AKLEH highway and the Golf course, you will find what locas reffer to as Embassy road, or Ambassador’s row. While this isn’t the offical name of the district, the large number of Embassies and Diplomatic missions makes it a very apt name for the area. Many diplomats live and work here, which leads to a lot of affluence and care from the local authrorites. This is one of the nices and safes areas in the whole city, with a very residential vibe. There aren’t any skyscrapers and condos here, instead you will find nice villas and houses. If you want a more calm and Western life, consider checking this place out.

Taman Duta

Taman Duta is located nest to the Parlaiment and the National Palace, this is the place where many of the ‘old money’ residents of Kuala Lumpur choose to reside. It’s a very green and peaceful area, mainly made up of huge houses and estates. There isn’t much to do here in terms of entertainment, but there are some really nice spots in the hills to look at teh city and take pictures for Instagram. It’s also a great place to live in, if you have the money of-course.

City Centre

The Petronas Twin Towers and the KLCC Park are the two landmarks of Kuala Lumpur that is best known around the world. While this isn’t exactly the center of the city, geographically, in terms of economics, tourism, and entertainment this is the most prominent area. The prices here are high, the buildings are new and tall and everything is new and shiny. If you want to experience a more luxurious part of Malaysia, check this district out.

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