Most dangerous cities in Mexico

Mexico is an ancient and beautiful country, known for its delicious food, great beaches, and kind people. However, the country is also in turmoil with corruption and organized crime making life there difficult. Mexico is large and the crime is not as present everywhere, but in the large cities, especially the ones listed here, you need to keep it in mind:


Puebla is a colonial-era city in the southeast of Mexico. The city is not usually associated with a criminal area, but the trend seems to be negative and many of the residents report feeling more and more unsafe by the year. Puebla suffers from many of the problems other large Mexican cities suffer from, namely corruption, unsafe streets, and drugs. Your main worry here is getting robbed and not so much murdered, but you still need to be very careful at night.


Tijuana is the second-largest city in Mexico and it’s located on the American border, next to the city of San Diego. Due to its proximity to the US and the beach, Tijuana is a popular tourist spot, but its proximity to California also attracts many migrants and drug smugglers. Tijuana has multiple cartels operating within it, which often leads to turf wars, shootouts, bombings, and other crimes. This gang fighting has made it one of the most dangerous cities in the world, with an astonishingly high murder rate.

Mexico City

Mexico City is a major city not only for the country of Mexico but also for all of Latin America. With a city of this size, crime and danger are to be expected, but here it is found in abundance. While there isn’t as much violent crime, shootouts, and bombings like in Tijuana, there is still plenty to look out for in Mexico City. There is a lot of theft and fraud going on, and of course, drugs are everywhere. That being said, the city is working towards reducing its crime levels and seems to be more successful than the cartel-dominated northern regions of the country.

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