Most dangerous cities in Brazil

Brazil is famous for many things around the world: football, the beaches, the Statue of Christ, the women, and, sadly, the crime. Just like the other countries in the region, Brazil has a tough time with enforcing law and order and keeping the organized crime groups at bay. There are many wealthy and safe areas in Brazil, but there are also many districts and towns that are controlled by gangsters. Below we have a list of the most dangerous cities in Brazil:


Natal is the capital of the Rio Grande do Norte state and its the largest city, with a metro population exceeding 1.6 million people. Just like the other large cities in Brazil, Natal experiences issues maintaining public safety, though some parts of the city are perfectly fine and safe for tourists. A lot of the crime stems from poverty and less well-off areas like Planalto are the main culprits for the crime rate. Prostitution, drugs, and some violent crime are not uncommon but generally occur away from touristy areas.


Fortaleza is another large city, located in the northeast of the country. Due to its beautiful city center and amazing beaches, it is very popular with tourists, but again there is some crime that needs to be taken into account. The slums of Cais do Porto and Serviluz are some of the more dangerous in the world and many homicides, robberies, and other violent crimes occur there regularly. The touristic areas a much safer, but pickpockets and muggers are not unheard of. There is also a lot of prostitution and drugs inFortaleza, but that is not an issue for many.


Salvador is one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas and was originally founded as the capital of Brazil. The city center is a great example of the architecture of the time and the Carnival celebrations here are some of the most exquisite and grand in all of Brazil. Despite this, crime and public safety are an issue in Salvador. Gun violence, homicides, assault, and drug offenses are all daily occurrences. Again, much of the crime is situated in the crime-ridden favelas, but it is not unheard of tourists getting robbed and assaulted. You need to be careful and never go to the shady parts of town.

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