Is Milan expensive?

Milan is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, and easily the most livable city in Italy. It has amazing architecture, a great culture and of course delicious food. If you get the chance to live, study or work in Milan, you should take it. But you might be worried about the cost. In that case, we collected some data and broke down the cost of living in Milan:


An apartment in Milan is likely going to be one of the biggest expenses for most people. For students living alone can be hard, but a room in a shared apartment is slightly more affordable, at around 500 euros. If you’re a grownup or simply hate roommates, you will have to pay around 750-1000 euros for a small apartment at a nice location. The price can increase significantly, depending on the district you find yourself in and the size of the apartment. Also, it can be hard to find a place in Milan, especially when the students are in session.


If you are in Italy, you will want to eat out and have fun. Milan has many expensive and fancy clubs and bars, but there are some inexpensive options. You can get an aperitivo for 10 euros, which gets you a cocktail and some food. In terms of restaurants, you can get a decent meal for 15 to 20 euros at an inexpensive restaurant. Again, this can go up significantly but food and drinks in Italy are simply not that pricey, compared to the north of Europe. You can also get some very cheap coffee in Milan, as is traditional in Milan.


Milan is one of the major airport hubs in Europe and there are countless low-fare flights to numerous destinations on the continent. If you don’t have a car, the metro and public transport are very affordable, at 2 euros per ticket. Of course, you can also get a monthly card that is even cheaper. The city is very walkable and bikeable, and public transport is very good, especially by Italian standards. You don’t really need a car in Milan.

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