Is Budapest expensive?

In the last few years, Budapest has become one of the preferred destinations for Expats, Erasmus students and travelers choose the Hungarian capital as a place to live. If you plan on going there, either for a long term or a shorter stay, you might wonder if the prices are high. Just for that reason, we have done some research, if Budapest is expensive:


When it comes to finding a house there are many available options that will impact the price. To keep things short, we’ll give you the basics. A good room in a shared flat, at a nice location, will cost you about 200 to 300 euros. If you want a one-bedroom apartment, you can expect to pay around 400 to 500 euros per month. This highly depends on the area of the city you want to pick, with some districts of Budapest being much more expensive than others. Utilities are about 70-80 euros for a single person. Overall, Budapest is one of the cheaper capitals in the EU and very affordable.


Eastern Europe is a notoriously cheap and fun place, and Budapest certainly lives up to that stereotype. You can have a pretty decent meal for 15 euros in a restaurant, but a kebab can be had for 3-4 euros if you want to be cheap about it. Beers are also cheap, costing about 1.50 at most establishments. The truth is, you can have a very fun night out for 20 euros in Budapest, which makes it very popular with students and younger travelers. The city has legendary hostels and pub-craws, that are worth checking out, even if you plan on being in Budapest for longer.


Budapest is a pretty big city and getting around on foot can be inconvenient, especially if you live outside of the city center. Many of the city’s inhabitants choose a car, but there is also a pretty good and developed public transportation. A ticket will cost you about 1 euro and there are a few longer-term passes that are available for about 30 euros. Taxis are also an option and are relatively inexpensive, with a starting price of 2 euros and about 90 cents per kilometer after that. Uber is not available in Budapest, but Bolt is, and it works in a similar way.

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