Richest Neighborhoods In Turin

Turin was one of the most important cities in Italy, and a major economic and political hub for Europe. Nowadays it has lost some of its geopolitical influence, but remains one of the most important cities, in the very wealthy Northern Italy. If you have ever been there and wonder what the best parts are … Read more

Richest Cities in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, and there are quite a few cities there that you have likely never even heard of. However, the fact that they aren’t world renowned, don’t mean that those Russian cities aren’t wealthy and worth a visit. To prove this point, down below we have a list of … Read more

Richest Neighborhoods In Zurich

Zurich is consistently ranked among the most expensive cities in Europe, and if you have ever gone there for a night out, you likely noticed this fact. However, it’s not just the beer and food that cost that much, but also the real estate. There aren’t many people that can afford to buy a house … Read more

Richest Areas of Nice

Nice is the second-largest city in the Côte d’Azur, after Marseilles. However, despite its smaller size, it’s often referred to as the pearl of Southern France and it is one of the most beautiful cities in the area. If you’ve ever been to Nice, you know that it’s an enchanting city that people tend to … Read more

Richest Areas of Antwerp

Antwerp is one of the most important and big cities in Belgium. As a matter of fact, it’s bigger than Brussels, when it comes to the city proper. It’s an old port that used to be quintessential for the region and still remains an important economic and cultural hotspot. If you have ever visited Antwerp, … Read more

Most Expensive Areas in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a tiny country in Western Europe, but don’t let the small size fool you, this is a very affluent and important place. It’s the seat of the European Court of Justice, one of the EU’s capitals and one of the richest places in Europe, per capita. Just like Switzerland, this is a multilingual … Read more

Richest Areas of Monaco

Monaco is one of the few city-states in Europe, that managed to make it out of the Middle ages, without being swallowed up by one of the big boys. Bordering only France, and the sea, Monaco is a unique, beautiful, tiny, and very wealthy part of Europe, that everyone should check out if they can. … Read more

Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most populous and beautiful cities in the Americas, as it combines the architecture of a few different cultures. If you ever find yourself there, after getting used to the huge size of the city, you might wonder where the rich and expensive areas of Buenos Aires are. We did … Read more

Richest Districts in Naples

Naples is well known around the world, albeit for different reasons. For some, it’s the quintessential mafia hot-spot, for others is the home of pizza and the ancient city Pompeii. Regardless, it’s a very unique and beautiful place that everyone should visit if they can. You may have wondered where the rich people in Naples … Read more

Richest Neighborhoods in Saint Petersburg

The Imperial city of Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful and grandiose cities in the world. Depending on who you ask, it takes the crown from Vienna and Paris and constitutes the most marvelous city in Europe. Of course, Moscow is larger and is the capital of Russia, but it’s hard to argue … Read more