Best Neighborhoods in Sofia

In the last few years, Sofia has been growing and it’s soon to become one of the coolest capitals in Eastern Europe. A lot of people don’t realize it’s actually a huge city, so navigating the many neighborhoods can be quite a challenge. Lucky for you, we have compiled a comprehensible guide to the top neighborhoods in Sofia:


Like with most other European cities, the city center of Sofia is the nicest and most touristy area. While rich people don’t live directly in the inner city, the Doctor’s Garden area is where the affluent people tend to live, which is just off the city center. Here you can find the Vitosha boulevard, or Vitoshka, the main pedestrian street of Sofia, Ivan Vazov theater, as well a surprisingly large amount of ancient churches. Of course, this is the most expensive part of Sofia, though it is still pretty affordable compared to the rest of Europe.


Depending on who you ask, this can be considered the center of Sofia, but most real estate agents will define it as a neighborhood, just south-east of the inner city.NDK (National Palace of Culture) is located here, which is a popular meeting spot and has a bunch of cool bars and cafes in the vicinity. It’s slightly less touristy and more residential than the perfect center, and you will be lucky to live here. This area is one of the best connected with public transport in all of Sofia.


Lozentetz was once a village, off Sofia. However, that was a couple of hundred years ago, and now it’s a pretty well-situated neighborhood. Many people consider it the best district to live in. The infrastructure is good and so is public transport. Generally, Lozenetz is considered a more ‘elite’ neighborhood, though some people would argue that the large amounts of new construction have made it less desirable. Getting a parking spot isn’t easy here, but if you don’t drive or get a place with a garage, it’s a great residential neighborhood to live at.

Studentski Grad (Student City)

What you think of this neighborhood, highly depends on how old you are. For students or people under 30, it’s an oasis filled with debauchery, cheap alcohol and fun things to do. If you’re older it’s loud, hectic and filled with annoying, drunk people from the first category. From a real-estate point of view, this neighborhood is on the up and up, with a lot of construction going on and people wanting to live there. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a pretty unique thing to have in a city, one area bunch of universities and dorms all clumped together.


This is one of the most affordable districts of Sofia and also one of the worst regarded. People that live there tend to like it, but for the rest of the city, Lyulin is a zone to avoid. It used to be very dangerous in the 90s, and even though it’s much better now, people still think lowly of it. Objectively speaking, it’s not too bad, with a lot of cheap real estate and a good metro connection to the rest of the city. If you’re not scared and are looking for a place on a budget, Lyulin is actually a pretty good deal.

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