Best Neighborhoods in Milan

Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with millions of people living there and even more visiting every year. However, because of that beauty, it has also grown a lot and become expensive. It can be hard to navigate the many neighborhoods of Milan, but we have a city guide for you. Below you can find information on the many different municipi (roughly translates to ‘neighbourhood’ in Italian) in Milan:

Centro storico

This is the main tourist area, where the fashion shops are located and arguably the best place to walk around. You will find some of Milan’s most popular attractions over there. The Porta SempionePorta Tenaglia, the Duomo as well as many cute, cobbled streets. You should definitely check out Brera, which some consider to be a district on its own, as it’s a very charming part of town, with cobbled streets and many small restaurants. The city center is extremely expensive and not too many people can afford to live there, instead, there are more businesses and offices located in the many historic buildings.


This is a really nice place to have a few drinks and maybe a bite. During the evening, the streets are littered with young people, students and tourists partying. What makes the Navigli special are the canals, which add to the neighborhood and make it feel more relaxed and chill. It’s not a bad spot for tourists to stay at, but not ideal for a longer-term stay. During the nights it can get quite noisy and some of the surrounding streets aren’t extremely safe at night.


Isola is a cool bohemian district, which similarly to Brooklyn has been gentrified by young people, turning from a run-down part of town into a great place to live. There is an interesting mixture of huge office buildings, like the Unicredit Tower, and small, hipster bars and cafes. The rents here are quickly rising, but it’s definitely a cool spot to stay at while in Milano. Right now, it might be where most of the trendy locals spend their time.

Porta Romana

This is one of the wealthiest districts in all of Milan. A lot of the rich people choose to live here, as it is well connected with the City center, while still being relatively calm and well-organized. It’s not very affordable, but it is one of the best places in the city, so if you get a good deal, do go there. There are also many clubs and restaurants, a bit more high class, that are worth visiting while in Milan. It’s also a good place to do some shopping in less touristy boutiques.

Porta Venezia

This is one of the best neighborhoods to live at if you are planning to be in Milan for a longer time. It’s still relatively affordable, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. The location is good and getting to the inner-city is easy. On top of that, there are many cafes, bars, and restaurants that are worth checking out. Another cool thing about this neighborhood is the Corso Buenos Aires, which is a huge street with a lot of businesses on it, making it very useful to its residents.

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