Most dangerous cities in Mexico

Mexico is an ancient and beautiful country, known for its delicious food, great beaches, and kind people. However, the country is also in turmoil with corruption and organized crime making life there difficult. Mexico is large and the crime is not as present everywhere, but in the large cities, especially the ones listed here, you … Read more

Most dangerous cities in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most magnificent and lush countries in the world, with tons of things to do and see. However, it has a troubled past and a troubled present with crime and unrest being a common occurrence. The barbed wires, high fences, and private guards are hard to miss for any traveler … Read more

Most expensive areas of Phuket

Phuket is one of the most visited resorts in Thailand and also in the worlds. Every year, millions of visitors come to enjoy the beautiful beaches, amazing food and exciting nightlife. The island can be very confusing and hectic for foreigners and choosing where to stay is hard to figure out. If you want some … Read more

Most expensive areas of Cairo

Cairo is one of the largest and oldest cities in the world. Milions of tourists visit the ancient city every year and are enthralled by the history, culture and cacophony of the Egyptian capital. While large parts of the city are poor and undeveloped, there is a lot of wealth in Cairo. Here we have … Read more

Richest Cities in Japan

Japan is one of the most unique and amazing countries in the world. As anyone that has ever visited knows, Japan is also very wealthy and expensive. That is especially true for its cities which are some of the most developed in the world. If you want to know what the richest cities in Japan … Read more

Richest cities in Vietnam

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country, that has been going through an economic boom in the last few years. After years of colonialism, destructive wars, and communism, Vietnam is finally open to the world and it’s getting richer. There is a thriving tourism industry, which combined with a growing manufacturing sector has lead to large … Read more

Richest cities in Poland

Poland has a rich and often depressing history, but in the past few decades, the country has seen something like a renaissance. The economy has been one of the best in Europe and a lot of wealth and foreign business has entered Poland. This new economy can be seen very clearly in the larger Polish … Read more

Richest Cities in Germany

Germany is one of the eminent European states, with a rich history and culture. This large and beautiful country is also the home of many of the old continent’s most livable cities, which is no surprise, considering how often the country tops the charts in terms of development and economics. However, Germany has many cities, … Read more

Richest Cities in China

In the last few decades, China has been growing steadily and quickly, accumulating wealth and transforming itself into a world power. Perhaps the biggest sign of this economic success is the Chinese mega-cities that have risen. Filled with skyscrapers and impressive infrastructure, these cities are a sight to behold, especially the richest ones. Shenzhen On … Read more

Richest cities in Hungary

Hungary used to be a part of the Austro-Hungarian empire for centuries, which has led to it becoming one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, in terms of architecture. Every year more and more tourists discover Hungary, and that in combination with the strong and growing economy has lead to a significant increase in … Read more